When asked what we do, we usually say that we develop and support reliable products and services of the highest quality.

As a result of our own efforts and experience, we realise futuristic projects and never-before-seen novelties, striving to cover all aspects of the human experience with the system, with in-house development enabling rapid response and absolute customisation, and our work speaks for itself – through a satisfied customer who comes back and recommends.

But then again. Is not there a user-friendly way to showcase our area of expertise?

We are user experienced.

Hello Workaholic. Kiosk, vending machine, or urban sales unit. Call it what you will, it’s a reliable 24/7 workforce that will never let you down. Even though it’s manufactured, trained, and maintained by us, will only listen to you.

Our payment/vending machine is the result of our own development, based on years of experience. The idea is to speed up the sales or payment process. We now have more than a hundred working machines, which are living proof that they are reliable devices with a complete monitoring system.

Based on years of experience in the manufacture and maintenance of payment and vending machines. It consists of two parts: the upper part, where all the equipment is installed, and the lower part, which serves as a stand.

Made entirely of high-quality steel, offering solid construction and, of course, safety. The front panel allows easy customisation of the graphic design for your own branding and company logos. It is also possible to brand the back of Workaholic to ensure maximum brand exposure for freestanding units.

Easy access for authorised service technicians and customer personnel makes maintenance simple and fast. Since all maintenance is done from the front of the unit, it can be wall-mounted with or without a stand. Connections can be made from the floor, from the wall behind the unit or from the ceiling, depending on the installation environment.

The machine has a touch screen, any thermal printer, a modern cashless payment system, a cash acceptor or recycler and a code reader.

It is possible to add additional printers (e.g. for tickets) or any other device needed. A small but very powerful computer ensures flawless continuous operation with the lowest possible energy consumption. Connection to the machine is possible via a secure VPN network, Wi-Fi or G4/5 mobile network.

Our remote monitoring system allows us to monitor the operation of each machine and intervene quickly in case of problems. This gives us exceptional response times to fix problems remotely and send a technician to the site if needed, without the need for site owner intervention. This reduces downtime to an absolute minimum.

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