The latest trend and development of mobile devices clearly shows that it will shortly completely rule over computing. The mobile phone is already the most important device in our lives, at least for most of us. Thus it is also clear that more than 80% off all online trading and marketing will be carried out through mobile devices.

Therefore now is a good if not the last time to enter the environment of interactive mobile marketing with the still growing largest audience.



If we look at poll and survey data we see that the largest share of mobile usage in free time comes to playing games. The link (advertgaming) between games and advertising is thus the winning combination. If you do this in a subtle user’s non disruptive way, in a way that encourages the user to view more info, in a way that makes the user to consider, test and buy our product, you win in advertgaming.

This is the right approach to application development in connection to establish the brand, offer or product. Our main concern is to prepare the user interface and the whole application for the best user experience possible with results we all expect.

Business Applications

Our applications complement the existing systems that are already in use in a company. They communicate with those systems and provide a better usability for the users. They provide employees with access to the data they need for their field work and for adding new data into systems from any location and with devices they all carry with themselves.

The whole business process becomes up-to-date, apps save time, lower costs and increase business efficiency. They can also simplify the access to your offers for customers. It is just like moving your marketing channels to customer’s pocket, literally. This opens endless possibilities of marketing communication and because it is easier and faster, it increases sales opportunities.


SI.MOBIL Screensaver

A screensaver for a mobile operator’s tablets in shop’s children’s corners. The application starts when nobody is using the tablet. All screensaver’s content is managable in our multimedia system Multitasker.


The application was developed to show the mobile operator’s offers on iPads. It serves as an interactive multimedia display in client’s stores. Each screen displays the appropriate content for the corner where it is located in.
The next version that is still in development is going to be for users downloadable from app store. It will allow the client an easy and fully managable offer content medium.

Electro Add Counter Info

This is a proposal for a simple solution to ensure the correct and timely readings of electical energy consumption and their collection in one place.

Hot-Horse Offer

Overview of the current food offers and saving orders into QR-code for latter payment and ordering on the payment machine.

Game ABC Pop

ABC Pop is a game of spelling for children and adults. It has two basic modes: first one for learning how to spell and the second one for fast and fun balloon popping. Great graphics, beautiful animations, music that calms you down and special sound effect ensure that learning can be fun.

One of those games you never uninstall.

Game SLO Sport Hangman

The classical hangman with Slovenian athlets.

The game has 4 unlocked levels (easy, medium, hard and extra), and after 2000 points the fifth level – PRO.

The game is free, it does not connect to internet and it does not ask for any personal data.

There are only Slovenian athlets. You can get 6 times the wrong vowel until you hang the hangman. Each level has 30 athlets (together 150). Lets get to know our athlets and cheer for them!